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Motorcyclists and moped driver (PTWs) are road users with a particularly high accident risk since motorcycle accidents are severe in nature, due to the relative lack of protection of motorcyclists. Furthermore, given the young age of many victims, these accidents often result in a high loss of life expectancy for fatalities and high social-economic costs for severely injured motorcyclists. The ambition of this project is to provide a significant contribution to the reduction of motor cycle fatalities and injuries on European roads: as a consequence of the proposed activities in this project a long-term reduction of at least 20% of injuries and fatalities of motorcyclists is foreseen.

The prime objectives of this RTN are:
Motor accident
  • to educate 10 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) in the partially unexplored field of Powered Two Wheelers’ (PTW) and riders' safety
  • to facilitate the development of R&D abilities (personal career development plan) and the formation of a European network of personal relationships in an early stage of the careers of the researchers (many years benefiting their careers/specialization)
  • to stimulate co-operation between researchers of 5 universities, 3 research centres and 6 industries (2 SMEs) through visits, secondments and training (Transfer of Knowledge)

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